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In the field of plant health services Global Plant Clinic has initiated Plant health clinic concept in 2002. This kind of plant health advisory services for smallholders was first started from Bolivia, Nepal being the 9th country to initiate plant health service worldwide and started this concept in 2008. Plant clinics aim to improve the diagnosis services with regular and reliable advice on control measure to resource poor and smallholder farmers who rely entirely on their crops to feed their families.
Because of rapid population growth, it is expected that in the next three decades we must produce as much food as we have produced since the beginning of agriculture history. Maximizing the crop yield on a limited area of arable land is an absolute necessity. But we donít have the provision of expanding the limited arable land at one hand and at other the high level of encroachment of the arable land for human settlement, infrastructure development also limiting land resource. Between the early 1960s and the late 1990s, world cropland grew by only 11 percent, while world population almost doubled. As a result, cropland per person fell by 40 percent, from 0.43 ha to only 0.26 ha. In the scenario of Nepal, land per unit in 1967 was 0.16 ha, this decline to 0.09 in 2005 and in 2010 the land per head is 0.08 ha only so we have to be limited with what we have for expanding the production potentiality and feed the people.
The cost of plant protection on various crops ranged from 7 to 40% of the total crop production cost. It is estimated that weeds, plant diseases, and pre- and post-harvest pests currently destroy 45% of the potential yield of world crops and more than billion people are going under starvation every day. There are many methods of controlling diseases and insect pests, such as the application of pesticides, breeding and cultivation of resistant varieties, biological control etc. Similarly for every 1% reduction in crop losses we can potentially feed millions more people. So the scope of increasing the crop production with the best practice of crop pest control measure should be the present emphasis rather than using the high external inputs and other technologies which are far more expensive than the simple and effective crop protection measure as well as beyond the reach of resource poor small farmers.
So within the boundary of above fact this website plant clinic Nepal is initiated for those actors who are directly indirectly working in the field of the plant health services and for those who are interested in this kind of activities for gathering information for effective plant health services.